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Trailhead Tire-Deflator Kits


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Trailhead tire deflators are the best deflators on the market… Absolutely the fastest way to air down, and the easiest!  These tire deflators will deflate your tires to a user pre-set pressure in seconds, even while you are driving.  To use, simply screw them on to the valve stems, and they automatically shut-off when your desired air pressure is reached.

Two pressure ranges: Red 5-20psi and Blue 15-40psi
Allows you to deflate 4 tires at once
They will not leave you flat!
Lifetime Warranty and Made in the USA
Suggestion… Get a set for your truck in Red, and a set for trailer in Blue

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Tire-Deflator Kits

Blue 15-40psi, Red 5-20psi